Names have been changed to protect the elephants

an elephant and her child

Credit: Meme

As a result of my previous work with forests in Brazil and the UK I have been invited to get involved with a project in development that is led by the University of Nottingham Computer Science Department in Malaysia.  This project is working with the protection and conservation of Elephants that live in the Malaysian rainforests.

I have been invited out to meet people and elephants later in the year, very exciting.

This invitation was a result of Active Ingredient’s project ‘A Conversation Between Trees‘, particularly the way that we combined the artwork and schools activities. Hopefully it will provide another opportunity to explore how the concept of ‘performing data’ can be applied to measurements of ecology and conservation, how artistic strategies can support engagement, shifts in perception and action in response to scientific data – and with Elephants – who are pretty engaging all on their own!

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