Public Workshop – Monday 11th August

Charlton Heston looking on as Sol commits Euthanasia and sees how the Earth once was before the climate changed and it became over populated

The next workshop will continue to look at the weather data being collected from the weather station at the University of Loughborough and how we can turn this data into descriptions of the weather and predictions for what is happening in the near future and in a future where they might be a 2 degrees or even 4 degrees temperature rise.

We will look at what has been suggested in the IPCC report on climate change in terms of the impact of climate change and our lives, environment and the weather.  The workshop will involve writing and/or video and audio recording.

Suggested viewing and reading:
Descriptions of snow –
Poetry about weather and futuristic climates:
A man who captured his response to the weather reports –
Feature films and TV about climate change, extreme weather, futuristic dystopia and utopia:
The Hunger Games
Last Night
The Day After Tomorrow
Solyent Green
Silent Running
The 100