The Prediction Machine’s Climate-Change-Harvest-Festival

the screen with a face on it and the sign with blue skies and trees in the background
The Prediction Machine’s Climate-Change-Harvest-Festival
Sunday 26th October
, 2-4pm 
The Shed, Margaret Keay Road, University of Loughborough
Come along for some seasonal food, make a wish for the future and take part in a thank you to everyone that has contributed to or visited The Prediction Machine as part of Radar’s Nowcasting Programme. 
The event is an alternative Harvest-Diwali Festival in appreciation of the seasons changing over this (so far) very warm Autumn.
Anyone is welcome.

Accessibility Policy and Information

The Prediction Machine and website is being created with accessibility in mind. The machine will develop over several phases and will be adapted as it is built, exhibited and then toured. We welcome any feedback about making the machine and website accessibility which can be sent via twitter to: @hello_tree

This website is targeted at basic level (A) standard accessibility and we are aiming to improve as the project grows over the next year.

The artwork is a sensory experience involving a combination of sound, visuals and text. Additional large print information and instructions will be available during the exhibition and the artist will provide guides to the artwork on specific days, to be confirmed nearer the time.  The workshops and exhibition all take place in wheelchair accessible venues. Please contact Radar Loughborough University Arts for more access information at each venue.

Due to limited space at Nottingham Contemporary The Prediction Machine will unfortunately only be fully accessible from Monday 9th – Sunday 15th March when it will be installed on Level 1 close to the lift. Please contact the venue for more information