Preparing for Cambridge Central Library Exhibition

The Prediction Machine and Promises Machine are currently being tested and set up to be exhibited at Cambridge Central Library from Saturday 3rd – Sunday 18th February. This latest tour is part of wider project called Performing the Future and as part of this I have been developing a new (virtual) machine called The Future Machine.

You can join the Future Machine when you submit a promise at the exhibition, your promise is then recorded online and you will be invited to make updates on how you are keeping your promise, or change your promise and also act as a witness to the future as it unfolds by taking part in activities that are taking place around the UK. Every year for the duration of the project you will also receive a gift in the post, a message from the future that will help us build the Future Machine together.

As part of the exhibition there will be two parallel public events. Firstly I will be running a workshop with the ‘Not Quite Over the Hill’ community group in Arbury in Cambridge, where we will be writing predictions based on different weather scenarios and creating  data visualisations using multi-coloured felt.  Secondly as a result of the Performing the Future workshop that took place at the British Antarctic Survey with senior scientists John King and Robert Mulvaney we will be doing a talk and discussion event at the library on Friday 9th Feb to continue the conversations we started in the workshop about how we can understand scientific uncertainty and climate change in the polar regions and how this relates to our everyday lives – this is likely to be an interesting discussion!

The Prediction Machine being prepared in my artist's studio in Nottingham