Climate Change, Uncertainty and Predicting the Future Talk and Q&A

graph showing 150,000 years of temperature  and CO2 from ice core from the Antartica with a finger pointing at when the steam engine was inventing and the increase to 400ppm CO2

Friday 9th February, Cambridge Central Library, 7 Lions Yard 11am – 12pm

As part of the exhibition at Cambridge Central Library there will be a talk and discussion event looking at the themes of climate change, uncertainty and predicting the future.

Come along to meet the artist Rachel Jacobs and Dr John King, Senior Scientist at the British Antarctic Survey and join a discussion about the future, uncertainty, climate change and the polar regions. This event is hosted by Cambridge Carbon Footprint and Cambridge Central Library.

Event is free to attend but please book a seat here in advance:

Rachel Jacobs has been working with Senior Scientists John King and Robert Mulvaney, alongside Matthew Polaine and Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley from the innovation team at the British Antarctic Survey to explore how we can communicate and understand issues of uncertainty, climate change, the polar regions and their impact on our everyday lives as part of her most recent arts/research project – Performing the Future.