The Prediction Machine is an interactive artwork that marks ‘moments of climate change’ in our everyday lives, tracked and recorded by a machine that prints out predictions based on end of the pier fortune telling machines. Next to it stands the Promises Machine inviting you to write your own promise or wish for the future, find out more about the...

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  • 05-15-15

    Tropixel, Ubatuba, Brazil The Prediction Machine and Performing Data was presented at Tropixel Festival Ceincia Aberta Ubatuba (Open Science), as part of the Mata Atlantica Festival...

  • 03-17-15

    Next steps

    The exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary is now over after an exciting couple of weeks, showing alongside of the wonderful and enlightening Rights of Nature...

  • 03-05-15

    Predictions and Promises in Nottingham

    The Prediction Machine is now live at Nottingham Contemporary, there seems to be getting lots of people using it and good feedback. When myself...